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Our Curriculum

On this page you will find out what is taught at each year group stage.


At St. Bernard's we have developed a skills-rich, knowledge-rich and thematic curriculum that we believe will delight our children's desire to learn - their curiosity and urge to find out more must be fostered.


Our intent is for children's God-given  talents to be developed so that they all find areas of learning that they are particularly excited by and interested in.


As Ofsted point out, it is integral that children gain in cultural capital. Our children experience from Banksy to Beethoven; they begin to understand British culture to global cultures.


Children are unique human beings - they should sing, they should dance, they should twist, they should turn, they should rock and roll, they should imagine, and then script their stories and act them out, they should use their hands to twist, to bend, to shape, to mould, to feel, to cut, to tear, to form, to join, to draw, to paint, to make, and they should explore and experience all those wonderful haptic moments which are essential to developing as a human being.

Please find the overviews below and also a whole-school overview below these:

 Reception, Friendship Class, Curriculum Overview

Year 1, Thankfulness Class, Curriculum Overview

Year 2, Peace Class, Curriculum Overview

Year 3, Compassion Class, Curriculum Overview

 Year 4, Courage Class, Curriculum Overview

 Year 5, Class of Hope, Curriculum Overview

Year 6, Class of Justice, Curriculum Overview