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Governors play a key role in leading, supporting and improving schools.

What school governors do

Governors sit on the school’s governing committee and work with the headteacher. They’re responsible for the strategic goals, while the headteacher implements them and manages the school from day to day. The governors:

  • set the overall vision and direction of the school
  • oversee the budget
  • help recruit staff
  • monitor the performance of the school, for example in examinations and key stage tests
  • advise on school policies and procedures

You can find out more about governors' responsibilities in the DFE Governance Handbook.

Governor’s duties include:

  • taking part in regular Local Governing Committee meetings, usually six times a year 
  • spend some time on training, governor visits and getting to know the school
  • occasionally sit on appointments panels or panels that handle staff or pupil discipline issues or complaints against the school

Could you serve as a Foundation Governor? Click here to download an information leaflet with more details on what's involved.

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Please find below a list of the school governors at St Bernard’s Catholic Primary School with their dedicated area of governance stated.


Our School Governors


Foundation Governors

Mrs Linda Dineen - Chair of Governors - Health and Safety

Ms Angharad Norman - Safeguarding

Ms. Beverley Sharp- SEN and English

Ms. Catriona Wilgoss - RE and Catholic Life of the school




Parent Governors

Mr Jonathan Deeney -Pupil Premium/CiC and maths

Mr Alan Devally - Wellbeing and Mental Health


Staff Governor

Mrs Joanne Alder - H&S



Mr Richard Jordan


Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Sarah O'Driscoll




Governor Attendance




Governing Body Membership 2022-2023 -21.10.22.docx

ATTENDANCE 2022-2023- T1 - T6 -Cardinal Newman Catholic Educational Trust.docx


ATTENDANCE 2021-2022- T4 - T6-Cardinal Newman Catholic Educational Trust 1 .pdf

ATTENDANCE 2021-2022- T1- T3_ 1.9.21-28.2.22.pdf


Governors Attendance_2019-2020_-_T1_-_T6.pdf

GOVERNOR ATTENDANCE_2020-2021-_T1_-T6.pdf