Year 5

Year 5 Trip to Exmouth Beach

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As part of their Coast topic, Year 5 visited Exmouth Beach on Thursday. The weather was glorious and a fantastic time was had by all. When lunches were threatened by swarming seagulls, Year 5 held their ground and all came out winners! They celebrated with games on the beach, a paddle in the (freezing) sea and topped it off with a well deserved ice cream! A HUGE thank you to Ellie's grandma, Mrs Rockell, for accompanying us on the day - we loved having you with us!

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Poo Patrol - The Big Spray Day

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Today Year 5 went on their very own Poo Patrol, highlighting the problem of dog poo on the streets of Shirehampton. It was part of a wider Bristol City initiative with over 40 primary schools taking part. To find out more about the campaign visit their website

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Year 5 Trip to American Museum

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This week, Year 5 made their way to the American Museum in Bath. They had a fantastic time learning about the landscapes of the USA and immersed themselves in Native American culture, art and textiles. They enjoyed making their own Pueblo Pots, which will be painted in the coming weeks! The children spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful grounds and having fun with an American football. A huge thank you to Mrs Porton for accompanying us. Great day had by all!

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This week, Year 5 have enjoyed learning about some parables from the Gospels. We learnt that Jesus used hidden meanings in them to help describe the Kingdom of God and thought about how we can learn from them as Christians today. Live from Bible News, our reporters described events at the local farm where seeds that fell on good soil produced this year's biggest harvest. We decided we wanted to be like the good soil. We want to hear the word of God and put it into action in our lives everyday.

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Remembrance Day 2016

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Class 5 led a moving service this morning to help us to remember all those whose lives have been touched by war.

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Curriculum overview for parents

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