Year 4

Year 4 Retreat

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Viking Day

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Year 4 had an amazing trip to Mojo Active for a 'Viking Day'. We learnt archery, took part in orienteering and raiding and made Viking boats and then destroyed them.

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As you know, year 4 have been corresponding with children in South Africa. The school we are working with is called Inchanga and is a Catholic school in Kwazulu-Natal in an area which is often called 'the valley of 1000 hills'. Here are some photos of their learning environment.

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We went to Bristol Cathedral to learn about Cadlemas through lots of fun activities: painting, poetry, puppets and (my personal favourite) the light dome! The children were so well behaved, they represented the school fantastically.

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Science at St Bede's

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We had a fantastic time learning about states of matter at St Bede's. Can you explain to an adult at home what each picture shows?

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Year 4 Assembly

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Year 4 performed a fantastic assembly this morning reminding us that not everyone will be looking forward to Christmas this year. Homelessness has risen by 30% so Year 4 are fundraising to provide 10 homeless people with a Christmas dinner, a haircut, health check, support and advice.

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Fundraising for Bolivia

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Family Fast Day We have also been collecting money for CAFOD today, supporting Nicanora, a farmer in Bolivia. We raised 71.38 which will enable her to buy training sessions, good quality potato seeds and worms!

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Terrific Scientific

We are taking part in a range of UK wide studies. This week we were testing taste. We had 11 tasters and 8 supertasters!

Sharon Porton came to talk to us about the food chain

We were very lucky to have Sharon Porton in to talk to us about the food chain. We learnt lots and she even brought in some guinea pigs to show us!

Bar modelling

We have been working out word problems using bar models.

Here are some examples

Class Mass

We had a lovely Mass with Father Cosmas the on Wednesday- Here is a photo

Fundraising for CAFOD

We did really well raising money for CAFOD! We raised £71.38!

Homework Help

This week the children are researching the Battle of Hastings. It only needs to be notes, not written up. 

Some questions they might like to research are: 

1. Who were the Normans?

2. When did it happen?

3. What did they battle for?

4. Who won?

Here are some useful links:

There are also lots of great videos on You Tube



Messy Maths

We have been using a range of manipulatives in our maths. We make a mess of the classroom, but lots of learning takes place!

Curriculum overview for parents

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