Year 3

Fun at the Zoo!

Have a look at our fun photos from the Zoo on Thursday.


Bananas for banana bread!

Today, as part of our measure topic in maths, we made sugar-free banana bread!
The children loved it and lots are asking for the recipe.
Here it is:

May, Month of Mary service.

Year Three lead our procession for Mary this morning, through the playground. After teaching the rest of the school how to pray the rosary, we reflected with glass pebbles and placed them to make four rosaries.

Year 3 Trip to the Zoo

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Y3 Trip to the Zoo

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Daisy Field

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We had such fun at the Daisy Field, playing in the grass, counting flowers and sketching the beautiful view! We even got a toot from a train driver!

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Year Three Mary Service

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Year 3 Assembly

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A look at all the things that Year 3 have been learning this term

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Curriculum overview for parents

Summer 2

Thank you all for coming to our assembly, we hope you enjoyed it!

What a fun trip we had to Bath Spa!
We learned so much about the Romans and we will be putting it to use over the next term. 

Year Three is measuring up to be quite something! 

Amazing Advent Assembly!

Well done Year Three for an amazing assembly. You worked really hard on learning your lines and the song. So many other teachers came to tell me how great you were! Bravo! Brava! 

 Tables practice
Here are the songs we use in class to practise our 3s, 4s and 8s! Parents' EveningThe following things have been requested at parents' evening: Cursive handwriting guideThis page shows how each letter should be written so that it can be joined correctly. It's printable if you would like to work on it at home! Handwriting EAL grammar support Here is a website for grammar support for children with English as a second language. Maths is fun!Here is a game for you to play to practise your maths. Play as many or as few times as you like.

St. Therese of Lisieux, Little Flower.

Each class has been learning about a different Patron Saint from other countries, inline with our RE and PSHE curriculum. Ours was St. Therese of Lisieux, Patron Saint of France. Miss Harding chose her because St. Therese is her confirmation saint! Are you named after a Saint? Find out and let us know!