Sporting Events

Sporting Events at St Bernard's

This Girl Can

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Yesterday, the girls from Years 4 and 5 were able to visit the Bristol University sports centre as part of the 'This Girl Can' initiative, encouraging girls to participate in sport. The afternoon was run by students from the university and included playing football, benchball and a relay race. The students were impressed by the enthusiasm with which all the girls took part.

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KS1 Sports Day 2017

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KS1 Sports Day a fantastic Sports Day despite the heat! Thanks to all the parents who were able to come along to support the children and to the house captains from Year 5 who did an amazing job of helping to run the event.

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Athletics Competion

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Athletics Competion

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KS2 Sports Day

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Fun and games at MOJO Active

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HIIT Training

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On Wednesday, Years 1 - 6 all took part in The Body Coach's live school HIIT session! Along with hundreds of other schools across the UK, each class tuned into YouTube to burpee, high knee and squat their way to fitness! We even had a shout out from the Body Coach himself! 

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Sports For Schools Fundraiser

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Festival of Sport

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St Bernard's children from Year 3 and 4 took part in a multi school sports festival.

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Swimming Competition

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A pupil's account of the day: "Firstly, we rushed into school and we waited in the Year 4 classroom for the taxi to arrive. Next we got into the taxi and the driver took us to Horfield Leisure Centre. After this, we had to be told by a volunteer to go to the changing rooms. We all got changed and finally set off to our places. Mrs Pountney led us to the competition area for our warm up. In the warm up we all dived and practiced our strokes. When the warm up was finished we were allowed to get a drink and wrap ourselves in our towels to keep warm for our races. There were many different heats, such as freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and many more. We all tried our hardest and Mrs Pountney cheered us on."

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Dodgeball Competition

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Our children took part in a interschool dodgeball competition at St Bede's after a rocky start they got their confidence back and came second in their group!

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KS1 Sports Day

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After having to cancel our Sports Day due to bad weather, Key Stage 1 enjoyed a very successful sports day yesterday with a carousel of activites and group races.

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KS2 Sports Day

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We had a fantastic sports day, thank you to all the parents who came and showed their support and thank you to all the children who behaved perfectly and competed with a positive and enthusiastic attitude despite the bad weather. We had a very enjoyable day and are looking forward to more Mojo activities next year!

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Capella Challenge 2016

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24 challenges in 24 minutes!

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