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Our Catholic School

Class Reflection

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Reception class have been learning about The Feeding of the 5000. During this class refection, they retold the story to their buddies and wrote a prayer about what they are thankful for.

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KS1 Nativity

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Created: 5 Jan 18 10:15 | Last modified: 5 Jan 18 10:17

Advent Assesmbly

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Created: 14 Dec 17 12:52 | Last modified: 14 Dec 17 12:54

Sci-Fi and RE Day

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This week, 8 pupils from Year 5 were lucky enough to travel through space and time to Keynsham to take part in a Sci-fi and RE day run by Clifton Diocese. Working alongside other schools in the area, they learnt all about how it's not our abilities, but the choices we make that make a real difference. From Supergirl to Harry Potter - they learnt that everyone has the power within them to make change and do good in this world. The children even taught the rest of the class what they'd learnt the following day! Year 5 believe they can change the world - what superheros!

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Leavers Mass

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Yesterday, our Year 6 children joined youngsters from all Catholic schools of the Diocese, for a celebration leavers Mass at the Cathedral. Bishop Declan's face lit up at the sight of our schools offering; our fish signifying the Cafod Fundraising we did last month. Thank you again to all who supported this. We were especially proud of Oscar, who not only represented our school, but all the children present, when he carried the Light Of Christ in the procession.

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Year 4 Retreat

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Stations Of The Cross

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Year 6 led the school in craft based activities around the Station of the Cross

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The Easter Story

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Rainbow Productions theatre company came into our school today to perform the Easter Story.

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Cafod Lent Assembly

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This week, Year 5 have enjoyed learning about some parables from the Gospels. We learnt that Jesus used hidden meanings in them to help describe the Kingdom of God and thought about how we can learn from them as Christians today. Live from Bible News, our reporters described events at the local farm where seeds that fell on good soil produced this year's biggest harvest. We decided we wanted to be like the good soil. We want to hear the word of God and put it into action in our lives everyday.

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Festival of Light

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On Wednesday, year 4 and 5 went to Bristol Cathedral to learn about Candlemas. We participated in four different activities: poetry, making candles, puppets and a light show. We had a fantastic time and the children were exceptionally behaved.

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Our Altar Servers

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Today we celebrated our four altar severs joining the guild of St Stephen. We are very lucky to have four altar servers here in our school who serve both here and in the parish. Congratulations to them all!

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KS2 Candlelight Carols

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Our KS2 children warmed our hearts with some beautiful singing and retelling of the Nativity at St Bernard's Church.

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Prickly Hay - KS1 Nativity

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What a fantastic nativity KS1 gave us this year! Our reception children really were shining stars, Year 1 sang beautifully and Year 2 all gave superb performances. Thank you to all the parents for coming along to watch and the staff who have worked so hard to make it a success.

Created: 9 Dec 16 11:45 | Last modified: 9 Dec 16 14:43

Cafod Year of Mercy

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The Year of Mercy in Action at St Bernard's. One of the seven Corporal Works of Mercy is to feed the poor. St Bernard's parish asked parishioners to donate an item of food to the NW Bristol Foodbank on the first Sunday of each month. The school is working with the church to collect donations and any non-perishable items can be left in the school office.

Created: 7 Oct 16 14:34 | Last modified: 21 Oct 16 14:07

Fundraising for Bolivia

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Family Fast Day We have also been collecting money for CAFOD today, supporting Nicanora, a farmer in Bolivia. We raised 71.38 which will enable her to buy training sessions, good quality potato seeds and worms!

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Harvest Fast Day Assembly

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Year 2 gave us a lovely assembly about the true meaning of harvest time.

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Chaplaincy Team

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Our Chaplaincy team visited Clifton Cathedral yesterday, where they were commissioned by Bishop Declan and received a badge and certificate. There were almost 1000 children, Chaplaincy teams from both primary and secondary schools within our Diocese.

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Pilgrimage Walk

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Our Chaplaincy team were privileged to take part in The Year of Mercy Pilgrimage walk to Downside Abbey. The breath-taking home of the Benedictine Monks (since 1605) was a fitting place for their spiritual journey. They had an opportunity to meet children from other schools of the Clifton Diocese, reflecting on the importance of mercy in our lives. They entered into the church through the Miseri Cordiae Porta (the door of mercy) for a joyous service of light. They were shown the treasures of the Downside Abbey, visited the relics of one of the British Saints - Oliver Plunkett. They finished their day by enjoying a friendly game of football with children from Our Lady of the Rosary and St John's, Bath. 'The sun shone throughout and Our Lady's children thought we were fun, we hope to meet them soon for more adventures. Verdict: we would like to go on a trip like this every Thursday!'

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KS1 Christmas Nativity

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Cafod - Make A Splash

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Leavers Mass

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Bishop Declan led the end of year Education Mass at Clifton Cathedral. Shirley and Matiss carried our St Bernard's banner proudly and Eleanor and Alfie presented our gift to the altar. The children commented that it was amazing.

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Holy Week & Easter Celebrations

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Holy Week & Easter Celebrations

Created: 13 May 16 10:05 | Last modified: 13 May 16 10:24

Month of May

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Month of May

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