Ethos and Values of the School

St Bernard’s is a Roman Catholic Primary School.

It promotes and practices quality education from a viewpoint based on the teaching of Jesus Christ through the Gospels and through the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Parents are the first educators and St Bernard’s believes that the school exists in order to help parents bring up their children and will work in partnership with them and the Parish so that they may experience an enjoyable and fruitful school experience.

The school believes that Jesus is present in the lives of every person. It is part of the school’s task to enable the child to develop an understanding of that presence. This is done through direct teaching in the form of Religious Education, through direct experience in the form of attendance at religious events and through explicit and implicit learning as part of a Christian family and community. We wish our school to be a place where Catholic attitudes to life are both taught and lived in a way that encourages our children to develop a strong Christian family and community spirit.  To help achieve these aims our school offers a happy, safe and welcoming atmosphere, where every child is loved and valued.

The school believes that children should learn to respect others, for they too are made in God’s image. In school, the child should be able to experience a sense of belonging and enjoy a spirit of co-operation within an optimistic environment that is conducive to learning.

Within the community there is a Behaviour Policy, and through this policy and with support from parents, we hope to develop the child’s natural inclinations as a social individual coupled with a loving approach that helps the child to recognise personal responsibilities and when necessary to accept blame.
Those children within the community who are not Catholic do not experience discrimination. We encourage all children take part in all Religious Education and all other aspects of school life.

Our Mission Statement

St Bernard’s school aims to follow the footsteps of Jesus by creating a Catholic Christian environment, inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus. Our Mission Statement underpins every aspect of day to day life in our school.

  • We will demonstrate our Faith in the way we act and worship
  • We will work with parents and celebrate our efforts and success together
  • We will welcome others into our school, parish and community family
  • We will value and respect others and become good citizens of the worl
  • We will use our God’s gifts and talents to be the best we can be

Our School Prayer


Our School Prayer – written by our Chaplaincy Team

Dear Lord,

We are Your family.

Thank you for making us kind and helpful,

Help us to listen and forgive,

Help us to work hard and look after our things,

Help us to follow in Your footsteps.

We pray through St. Bernard.