Chaplaincy Team

Legends at Lunch

Join us in the Year 4 classroom on Thursdays or Fridays, where we will learn about different people who changed the world through faith.

Here are some of the people we will learn about:

Harriet Tubman

George Cadbury

Mother Theresa

Elizabeth Fry

Thomas Barnardo 

Florence NIghtingale 

The News Commandment 

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Chaplaincy Commissioning at Downside Abbey

On Friday 24th November we went to Downside Abbey to have our new Chaplaincy members commissioned into the Diocese. We were amazed by the Abbey and couldn't stop looking up! It was so exciting to be able to sing hymns and join in the all the Chaplaincy Teams in the Diocese.

We even got to have lunch with and make new friends with the other Chaplaincy Team in our Newman Partnership.